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а мы Кеннедей душили-душили

"Голос России" выложил на своем сайте фильм, в котором доказывается, что Че Гевара стоял за убийством Джона Кеннеди. Так и называется: "Почему Че убил Джека".

В английской версии  - там фильм и на английском - они еще приложили статью соответствующего содержания.

Только поэтому на Западе это не осталось незамеченным.

Там ведь среди левых полно идиотов наивных людей, которые всерьез полагают путинскую Россию антиимпериалистическим государством. А так как языков русских не знают, то и не в курсах, что на самом деле тут имеет место быть. В этой истории вот немножечко нутро высветилось.

Теперь вот письмо написали, наивные, гнев свой выражают:

Dear Editor,
with this email we would like to demonstrate our anger for the article and video posted on the website of the “Voice of Russia” under the title ”Kennedy Assassination: Why Che killed Jack”. This article, which is clearly a propagandistic, anti-communist bunch of lies, distorts the real character and personality of Comandante Ernesto Che in the worst and most unjust way. It tries to present Che Guevara as a man whose political thinking was dominated by personal enmity - That is not true, as long as Guevara’s major political criterion was the need for the anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist struggle. Che never said that he hated the american people, but he truly hated the US Imperialism as every person with a developed sense of justice should do.

The article published on your website - as well as the video that accompanies it - is completely one-sided and profoundly unfair towards Che Guevara and Cuba. It seems that only a right-wing, ultra-conservative anti-communist could write a slanderous article like that.

There is not even the least indication that Che or the Cuban government was involved in JFK’s assassination. Neither the Warren Committee nor the United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) has found any proof of cuban interference in Kennedy’s assassination. What the article tries to present is a slanderous myth, a huge lie that aims against Che Guevara’s posthumous fame.

We ask you to remove this article from your website, as long as you do not present any kind of proof for all these slanders. It is a real shame for respectable media like the Voice of Russia to publish such pieces.

Che Guevara Greek Archives Website - “Guevaristas”.


"Это реальный стыд для такого уважаемого СМИ, как "Голос России", публиковать такое".
Ага, ага. Вы, ребятушки, "Анатомий протеста" не видели. Тогда бы не пытались стыдить.

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